CPC celebrates one year as a CCBHC

In the past several decades, those seeking mental health or substance use services have often found a system that is disconnected, underfunded and near impossible to navigate.

At the same time, demand for treatment services has expanded substantially. Statistics show that nearly one in four individuals will experience a mental illness in their lifetime and the ongoing heroin epidemic has impacted thousands of people throughout our community.

In an effort to help address these issues, Congress passed the Excellence in Mental Health Act. This legislation sought to expand access to high quality community mental health and substance use treatment while also establishing a sustainable payment system. This was the birth of the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, or CCBHC for short.

CCBHCs offer a wide continuum of mental health, substance use and physical health services all in one place while also providing assistance in the community for social service and coordination needs. Services are centered on the person and are flexible to meet individualized needs.

The offered services include:

  1. Outpatient therapy for mental health and substance use disorders

  2. Psychiatric care for mental health and substance use disorders

  3. Ambulatory withdrawal management

  4. 24-hour crisis hotline and screening

  5. Community outreach and care coordination

  6. Peer and family support services

  7. Screening and monitoring of physical health needs

  8. Targeted services to veterans and members of the armed services

CPC Behavioral Healthcare, along with 6 other behavioral health agencies in New Jersey has been certified as a CCBHC since the program began on July 1, 2017.

For CPC, becoming a CCBHC has some distinct benefits for the communities served. CPC will continue to provide high quality and evidence-based outpatient mental health and substance use services for children and adults. These individuals will now be eligible for expanded assistance in the community along with coordination with other healthcare providers and social services entities.

CPC will provide additional support for individuals in crisis and seek to reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency room or admissions into the hospital. Expanded services will be offered to active duty military, veterans and their families. CPC will offer services for individuals with physical health concerns as well and integrate this treatment with their mental health and substance use care.

CPC Behavioral Healthcare is proud to be a part of this innovative and forward-thinking project. CPC believes this is the first step toward a smarter and more effective behavioral health system that will bring about healthier minds and a healthier community.

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