Legal Assistance / Advocacy


Legal Representation

Community Health Law Project

1 Main Street, Suite 413, Eatontown

(732) 380-1012

Mission to provide legal and advocacy services, training, education and related activities to the most vulnerable individuals, including those with mental illnesses.

Ask for Madeleine Coghlan

Legal Aid Society

PO Box 86, Asbury Park

(732) 776-7733

Office of the Public Defender

Division of Mental Health Advocacy & Guardianship Advocacy

630 Bangs Ave, Asbury Park

(732) 869-2262

Provides legal representation at initial commitment hearings, periodic review hearings, voluntary approval hearings and placement hearings at federal, state, county, general and private psychiatric hospitals for adults and children.

Ocean/Monmouth Legal Services

25 Broad St, Suite 12, Freehold

(732) 866-0020

South Jersey Legal Services

303 West Main Street (3rd Floor), Freehold

(732) 414-6750

Services provided: Tenants’ Rights and Evictions, Homelessness, Public and Subsidized Housing, Foreclosures, Rental Assistance (Section 8)


Advocacy Organizations

Family Based Services

Association of NJ

6 Industrial Way West, Eatontown Suite D

(732) 542-4502

Support, education and advocacy for children and families to meet their emotional, behavioral and mental health needs.

Community Affairs and Resource Center

913 Sewall Ave, Asbury Park

(732) 774-3282

12 Throckmorton St, Freehold

(732) 431-6977

Assistance, education, advocacy and resources  for individuals and families whose needs may otherwise go unmet due to language barriers, discrimination and lack of cultural competency.

New Jersey Children's System of Care through PerformCare

For Information about Educational Resources, call

(877) 652-7624

New Jersey Association on Correction

Correctional AIDS Project (CAP)

615 First Ave, Asbury Park

(732) 988-0260

HIV education and assistance for individuals re-entering the community from incarceration.

Red Bank Resource Center and Sandy Wellness Program

103 Drs. James Parker Blvd, Red Bank

For programs and calendar


LGBTQ Advocacy Organizations and Information


Advocacy to improve inclusion of LGBTQ students in the education system.

Central NJ Chapter

(609) 448-5215

QSpot LGBT Community Center

66 South Main St, Ocean Grove

(732) 455-3373

For programs and schedule

PFLAG Publications

"Our Trans Children"

A brief, introductory booklet on trans issues.

"Our Daughters and Sons"

Questions and answers for parents of gay, lesbian and bisexual people.

TransFamily Support Service

Guides transgender/non-binary youth and their families through the gender transitioning process

Family education, coaching and advocating available at

Resources from CPC Training

Considerations for Working with Trans and Gender Expansive Individuals


Training Powerpoint

References for Additional Information

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