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from our President & CEO


Vera Sansone, LCSW
President & CEO

Dear Friends of CPC,

I am grateful you have taken the time to learn more about what we do. At CPC, we pride ourselves on offering high quality and evidence-based services in all of our locations and for all treatment and education.
My professional journey has provided me with experience in operating treatment services in New York and New Jersey and I am proud to lead the incredible staff at CPC who make such a difference in the lives of children, adults and families in our community.

CPC has been at the forefront of quality care to promote wellness, recovery and productive lives since 1960, and we continue to work tirelessly to help individuals live their best lives in the community.
Our field often experiences change and we are prepared to face all necessary challenges to continue to improve the lives of those we serve!

Vera Sansone

CPC Leadership


Vera Sansone, LCSW
President & CEO

Vera Sansone serves as the President and CEO of CPC Behavioral Healthcare. She is responsible for the overall strategic direction and operational performance of the Agency. Vera was named the Agency’s President and CEO after years of supervisory and managerial roles including Chief Operating Officer. Vera is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Prior to coming to CPC, Vera held numerous administrative and clinical roles in New York State Psychiatric facilities.

Dan Burns_edited_edited.jpg

Dan Burns, CPA
Senior VP &
Chief Financial Officer

Dan provides strategic oversight and ensures the fiscal integrity of CPC’s $40M budget including financial operations, the CPC Foundation, and facilities across all seven agency locations. Dan’s previous experience at KPMG, where he assisted numerous non-profit organizations, has given him a unique perspective in his role as CFO of CPC Behavioral Healthcare.

CPC 2022-25_edited.jpg

Stella Santora
Senior VP & Chief Information Officer

With over three decades of dedicated service, Stella specializes in maximizing information technology to increase client outcomes and engagement with our mission. Her innovative and tailored solutions align and streamline our processes, while advancing data collection, outcomes monitoring, and statistical analysis—all of which has helped to ensure consistent patient care.


Rick Gonzalez 
Director, Facilities

Maria M_edited.jpg

Maria Marinaccio, RN
Sr. VP, Quality & Risk Management

Mike Tierney_edited.jpg

Michael Tierney, RN
Director of Nursing &
Infection Control 

CCM 2022-16_edited.jpg

Donna Coyle, LCSW, LDADC, CCS & CPRP
Senior VP, Clinical Operations &
Outpatient Services

As a critical part of the CPC team since 2006, Donna’s leadership and impact on our mission is vast and far-reaching. She oversees the administrative and clinical components of our Outpatient Programs and Addictions Programs in Aberdeen, Freehold, Howell and Red Bank, as well as the Adult Partial Care Program, Community Youth Services Team, Integrated Case Management Services, Justice Involved Services, Supported Housing, Supported Employment, and PACT.

CPC 2022-23_edited.jpg

Cheryl Mountain, LCSW
Senior VP, High Point School

Cheryl oversees all educational and clinical operations of the High Point School, serving children ages 5 through 21. Cheryl is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with school counselor and administrator certifications. Cheryl has worked in various roles in High Point School and CPC’s residential programs. Prior to CPC, Cheryl worked as the program coordinator of School Based Services at Keansburg High School.


Roger Borichewski, LCSW
VP Quality & Risk Management

Roger is responsible for facilitating quality management and performance improvement activities at CPC. He provides guidance to staff regarding implementation and adherence to Federal and NJ State laws/regulations, as well as agency policy and procedures. As a NJ Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Roger manages CPC's internship program, supervises student interns and NJ Licensed Clinical Social Worker candidates, and provides individual therapy to agency clients as assigned.

Margret Frucci_edited.jpg

Margaret Frucci
VP Human Resources 

Focusing on engagement, hiring talent and promoting a workplace culture of employee appreciation and inclusion, Margaret leads the Human Resource functions of CPC including employee relations, recruitment and retention, performance management, payroll, compensation, benefits, and policy administration.

Lynn L_edited_edited_edited.png

Lynn Lucarelli
VP & Chief Development Officer

Working across teams to strengthen the visibility and capacity of CPC, Lynn leads strategic marketing & communications, and is responsible for community engagement and philanthropy strategy.


Danielle Gasperini, LCSW
Division Director, Children's Services


Kenneth Pecoraro, LCSW, LCADC
Division Director, Addiction Recovery & Community Outreach

As a bridge between our organization and the greater Monmouth County community, Ken maximizes relationships, identifies linkages, and engages individuals, nonprofits, government agencies, universities, corporations and organizations, in the mission and services of CPC. As a clinician and trainer in the field of behavioral health, Ken provides our community with resources and education in mental health, and substance use treatment.


Linda Lanni, LPC, LCADC
Division Director, CPC Helen Herman Counseling Center

Beth Lukeman_edited.jpg

Beth Lukeman, LCSW
Division Director
High Point Schools 


Ryan Collins
Director, Information Technology

Tricia F_edited.jpg

Tricia Floyd
Division Director, Howell Counseling Center

Tricia is the director of the Howell Counseling Center and the Community Youth Team, where she is responsible for administrative and clinical oversight of both programs.

Cpc 2-3_edited.jpg

Joe Gabriel
Principal, High Point School

CPC Leadership Team

​Vera Sansone, LCSW

President & Chief Executive Officer


Daniel P. Burns, CPA

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Stella Santora

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Donna Coyle, LCSW, LCADC

Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations - Outpatient Services

Cheryl Mountain, LCSW

Senior Vice President, High Point School

Margaret Frucci, SPHR

Vice President, Human Resources

Lynn Lucarelli

Vice President Public Relations & Chief Development Officer

Roger Borichewski, LCSW

Vice President Quality & Risk Management

Ryan Collins

Director, Information Technology

Danielle Gasperini, LCSW

Division Director, Children’s Services

Rick Gonzalez

Director, Facilities

Maria Marinaccio, RN

Director, Licensing

Michael Tierney, RN

Director of Nursing & Infection Control

Linda Lanni, LPC, LCADC

Division Director CPC Helen Hermann Counseling Center

Beth Lukeman, LCSW

Division Director, High Point Schools

Joe Gabriel

Principal High Point Schools

Kenneth Pecoraro, LCSW, LCADC

Division Director, Addiction Recovery and Community Outreach

Board of Trustees - CPC Agency

Laura DiTommaso, CPA, Chair

Todd Herman, Vice Chair

Deborah Mathis, CPA, CHBC, Treasurer

Timothy Stroebel, Asst. Treasurer
Scott Hershkowitz, Secretary

Kathy J. Brower, Member at Large

Raymond Eckhoff, Member at Large


Kathleen M. Connelly, Esq.

Henry Eisensten

Sharon Falco, MD
Lori Goldstein

Marc Lobell

Tom Mikulski
Jeffrey R. Rich, Esq.

Lynn Spence

Francis V. Bonello, Esq.
Lois P. Broder

Donald C. Glaser
Edward A. Hirsch
John P. Paone, Jr., Esq.

Honorable Norman J. Peer, JSC (ret.)
Anthony Rubino

Geoffrey Sadwith

Board of Trustees - CPC Foundation

Donald Glaser, Chair

James Hiles, Vice Chair

Richard Sussman, Treasurer
Lori Goldstein, Secretary​


Robert Baxter

Kathy J. Brower

Ed Cushing

Jeffrey R. Rich, Esq.



Lois Broder

Mrs. Holly Dreman

Lewis Eisenberg

Edward Hirsch

James Jacobson

Charlie Parton

Mark Solow

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