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High Point School's integrated approach offers individualized academics, evidence-based positive behavior supports, medication management, individual & group therapy, and comprehensive clinical programming.

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Welcome to High Point School


I am so pleased to introduce you to High Point School. Founded in 1960, we are proud of our history and the thousands of students we have supported over the years. High Point is located in the residential neighborhood of beautiful Morganville, New Jersey. Conveniently located, our expansive campus is equipped with modern learning spaces and socialization areas, a playground, peace garden, and an outdoor swimming pool. We provide a NJ Department of Education approved curriculum for students ages 5-21, and grades K-12, from school districts throughout central New Jersey. Our therapeutic support is comprised of onsite clinicians including: physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, case managers and speech & occupational therapists. 


Our students thrive in High Point’s non-traditional school setting, where they are given specialized supports, and unique opportunities to grow and discover their own potential. Students admitted to High Point School attend with a wide range of specialized needs including depression, anxiety, behavioral and emotional disorders, as well as symptoms such as school refusal, adjustment difficulties, and low motivation. Often the students are working towards improving their socialization, mood, and attention skills, while building academic competence in their grade level.  


At CPC’s High Point School, the philosophy is to surround each child with a caring and skilled safety-net of support—it’s an approach where each child has a team of professionals who embrace their journey, every step of the way—academically, socially, psychologically, and in terms of their physical needs. The integrated approach offers individualized academics, evidence-based positive behavior supports, medication management, individual and group therapy, and comprehensive clinical programming. With this integrated approach, our team collaborates and meets regularly to discuss the student’s progress which makes all the difference in setting the stage for their growth and progress. These are just some of the distinguishing features of our highly personalized High Point School experience. 


We would be pleased to discuss if High Point School might be a fit for your child; please email Caitlin Corradino, Intake Coordinator:, and she will coordinate a day that works for your schedule. Please know that formal referrals are made through your child’s school and the Child Study Team—we welcome them to visit as well. We look forward to meeting you! 


With warm regards, 


Cheryl Mountain, 

Sr. VP High Point School 


Meet The High Point School Leadership Team

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Cheryl Mountain, LCSW
Senior VP
High Point School

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Beth Lukeman, LCSW
Division Director
High Point School 

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Joe Gabriel
High Point School

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Michelle Miller
Program Manager
High Point School

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Julie Lipton
Supervisor of Special Education

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Image by Marliese Streefland

NJ Department of Education Approved

Proud to be a NJ Department of Education approved private school for students with disabilities, High Point is designed to achieve positive outcomes by incorporating a trauma-informed, flexible curriculum delivered by expert faculty and clinicians in a safe environment with therapeutic supports. At High Point we maximize each student's opportunity for a successful and meaningful life.

Integrated and Individualized

In addition to our highly experienced faculty, onsite specialists include doctors, nurses, licensed clinical social workers, crisis intervention specialists, and occupational and speech therapists. Our integrated approach offers individualized academics, evidence-based positive behavior supports, medication management, individual and group therapy, and comprehensive clinical programming. We value student-teacher relationships and maintain small class sizes and ratios so that faculty can truly know, value, understand and support each child's unique journey. 

Space to Thrive

At High Point, we have created a safe space where all students can thrive and have every opportunity to discover their full potential. An exciting academic curriculum is layered with hands-on experiences including Wood Shop, Art, Clubs and various Sports Teams. Our spacious campus offers a swimming pool and a Peace Garden for quiet reflection. Together, all of our offerings promote a positive and effective learning environment.



Our students often experience anxiety, depression, mood disorders, behavioral and attention difficulties, developmental and learning disabilities, and psychiatric disorders. To support and empower each child, we offer a wide array of therapeutic services and evidence based positive behavior supports including:

  • a comprehensive academic curriculum

  • evidence based positive behavior supports

  • a wide array of therapeutic services

  • 1:3 staff-to-student ratio

  • small class sizes which are limited to 12 students each

  • comprehensive clinical programming

  • medication management

  • individual and group therapy

  • speech and occupational therapy

  • is offered for each student based on their individual needs

  • summer extended school year program

  • pre-vocational opportunities


"High Point nurtures hearts and minds."


"Thank you for inspiring my child's potential!"


"At High Point I feel valued."


"My healing journey." 


"High Point is support, friendship and hope."

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