Caremanag-e Decision Tree Medical


Head to Toe Red flags/ symptoms that may require immediate medical attention

(red: higher likelihood of need for 911)



Fever, Weight Loss or gain, Body aches, Poor sleep, Changes in appetite, Fever, Chills


Head (Eyes, Ears, Throat, Neurological)

Changes in hearing, Blurry vision, Face drooping (asymmetrical), Slurred speech, Difficulty Swallowing, Confusion, Dizzy, Headache, Eye pain


Chest (Respiratory/ Cardiac)

Wheezing, Trouble breathing (breathing faster or panting), Chest pain or pressure, Racing heart


Abdomen/ Pelvis

Vomiting, Diarrhea, Abdominal pain, Blood in urine or stool, Unable to control bowel or bladder 


Arms and Legs

Painful, red, hot Joint; Weakness to one side of body, New swelling to hands, feet or ankles, Swollen Red and Tender calf



Rash, Sweating, Changes to general color (pale, bluish, gray, red), Bleeding




***If in doubt call 911.

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