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About CPC

Message from our CEO

"As President & CEO of  CPC Behavioral Healthcare, I am grateful you have taken the time to learn more about what we do.

At CPC, we pride ourselves on offering high quality and evidence-based services in all of our locations and for all treatment and education.


My professional journey has provided me with experience in operating treatment services in New York and New Jersey and I am proud to lead the incredible staff at CPC who make such a difference in the lives of children, adults and families in our community.

CPC has been at the forefront of quality care to promote wellness, recovery and productive lives since 1960, and we continue to work tirelessly to help individuals live their best lives in the community.


Our field often experiences change and we are prepared to face all necessary challenges to continue to improve the lives of those we serve!


Vera Sansone

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to serve our communities by delivering evidence-based services in mental health, substance use, special education and physical health through an integrated system of care designed to promote wellness, recovery and productive lives.

Our Vision:

We are committed to be the provider of choice for individuals and families in the communities we serve. Our goal is to ensure easily accessible and comprehensive services that focus on the whole person.  This will be achieved through person-centered care provided by diverse, empathetic, engaged staff and community partners.

Our Values:

  • A culture of teamwork and accountability in a system that is responsive, collaborative and progressive.

  • Excellent customer service that respects the people we serve, appreciates their unique experience and fosters their involvement in the planning and growth of our services.

  • Easy access to affordable care provided in facilities that are safe, comfortable, consumer-friendly and confidential, provided by competent and motivated staff utilizing the latest technologies.

  • Collaboration and strategic alliances to bridge any gaps in providing care to the whole person.

  • Partnerships with consumers, family members and the community, utilizing evidence-based practices to plan, improve and deliver our services to ensure quality outcomes.

  • Continuous quality improvement that achieves the best care and the best consumer experience at the best value.


Our History

The 1970's saw continued expansion, with CPC opening a division for a community mental health center that provided services to all age groups and an expansion of CPC school. CPC worked closely with many local agencies to best coordinate services.

Over the next 20 years, CPC grew into the agency that it is today. Currently, CPC has seven locations, 4 Counseling Centers, and our special education school. Our counseling centers are located in Middletown, Freehold, Aberdeen, and Howell and our special education school is in Morganville. We also have an administrative office as well as our social enterprise screen printing business in Eatontown.


CPC provides over 9,000 children, adults, and families with mental health, substance use, and special education services each year. Our High Point schools provide a therapeutic educational setting for about 200 students from ages 5 to 21 from five counties and almost 70 districts. Treatment services are provided to children and adults both in our facilities as well as out in the community.

CPC was founded in 1960 as the Children's Psychiatric Center in Eatontown. A few years prior to its founding, a group of interested citizens got together because they were concerned that there were not adequate psychiatric services for children in the area. The Children's Psychiatric Center opened with one child psychiatrist, two social workers, one psychologist, and one secretary. This small team soon expanded to include additional clinicians.

The group worked with other professionals in the area, providing seminars and consultation for clinicians, school officials and graduate students along with the treatment they provided. Throughout the years, the center was approved as a training clinic for child psychiatrists, and continued to offer important services for the community. Children's Psychiatric Center continued to expand, opening a location in Freehold and being given full accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals in the first year that this was available to outpatient psychiatric clinics.


CPC Leadership

  • Vera Sansone, LCSW - President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Daniel P. Burns, CPASenior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

  • Stella Santora Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

  • Sharon Kowalik, MDMedical Director

  • Donna Coyle, LCSW, LCADC – Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations - Outpatient Services

  • Cheryl Mountain, LCSWSenior Vice President, High Point School

  • Margaret Frucci, SPHRVice President, Human Resources

  • Kerry L. Herbert, MAVice President, Fundraising

  • Diana Salvador, PsyD - Vice President, Program Evaluation, Grants & Outcomes

  • Roger Borichewski, LCSW - Vice President Quality & Risk Management

  • Ryan CollinsDirector, Information Technology

  • Danielle Gasperini, LCSW - Division Director, Children’s Services

  • Rick GonzalezDirector, Facilities

  • Maria Marinaccio, RN - Director, Licensing

  • Michael Tierney, RN Director of Nursing & Infection Control

  • Kenneth Pecoraro, LCSW, LCADC Division Director, Addiction Recovery and Community Outreach

  • Beth Lukeman, LCSW Division Director, High Point Schools

  • Katie Tracy, LCSW – Division Director, Community Services

  • Rose Tarantino Principal, High Point Schools

Board of Trustees - CPC Agency

Board of Trustees - CPC Foundation

Donald Glaser, Chair

James Hiles, Vice Chair
Lynne Karinja, Treasurer
Lori Goldstein, Secretary



Robert Baxter

Kathy J. Brower

Jeffrey R. Rich, Esq.

Carol Strang

Richard Sussman

Raymond Eckhoff, Chair

Tom Mikulski, Vice Chair
Laura DiTommaso, CPA, Treasurer

Deborah Mathis, CPA, CHBC, Asst. Treasurer
Scott Hershkowitz, Secretary

Kathy J. Brower, Member at Large

Beth Drazin
Brian D. Drazin, Esq.

Kathleen M. Connelly, Esq.
Lori Goldstein
Todd Herman

Hon. Norman J. Peer (Ret.)
Jeffrey R. Rich, Esq.
Alanna Schauer, RN

Carol Strang
Timothy Stroebel

Marylyn Eisner Beckwith
Francis V. Bonello, Esq.
Lois P. Broder
Edward A. Hirsch
Maurice Meyer III
John P. Paone, Jr., Esq.
Margery Roberts
Anthony Rubino
Peter W. Tarlton

Alfred Ferguson, III, Esq.

A. Van R. Halsey

Bruce Larsen, PhD.


Healthy Minds. Healthy Communities.