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#FinalFriday #MayIsMentalHealthMonth

This month, we’ve challenged each other to take extra time and consider our mental health, mental illness, how we perceive our own wellness and how we approach our role in taking care of our mental health.

We’ve shared some resources throughout the month to get us thinking and, frankly, to encourage us to take action. Our mental health is important. We deserve to spend the time and energy on doing what it takes to feel and function at our best.

Well, May is nearly over. But we’re not going to stop caring about mental health once June 1st rolls around, right?

The good news is there are more resources than ever before to consult for information and inspiration about mental health and wellness. You may already have some sources that you rely on to stay on top of your mental wellness-game – great!

Here are a few others that are worth checking out. These are nationally recognized, trusted organizations and communities that are working every day…just like CPC…to open up the dialogue about mental illness and emotional health and wellness and to include everyone, encourage everyone to stay motivated to support each other — to pay attention to what matters to us regarding mental health.

The fact sheets, work sheets and motivational calendar we’ve shared this month were shared with us, courtesy of Mental Health America. MHA is a national advocacy group for people passionate about mental health issues and advocacy and they offer great information and service all year long.

Here are some other resources to keep us engaged and always learning more:

Remember, May is over soon, but we deserve to feel and function at our best every day. Mental health matters, and if you or someone you care about needs help, help is available:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: Find Treatment & Help.

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