CPC Quick Facts

Founded in 1960, CPC was the first agency to provide mental and behavioral healthcare services to children in Monmouth County, NJ, and the CPC in CPC Behavioral Healthcare stands for, Children’s Psychiatric Center. Nearly 55 years later, the Agency offers services and programs to more than 8,000 children, adolescents, adults and families in Monmouth County and special education services to Monmouth County residents as well as children from neighboring counties.

For someone suffering with mental health issues and living on an extremely limited income, these services often make the difference between employment and unemployment, keeping a home or becoming homeless, and keeping a family intact instead of watching a family torn apart. Treatment is offered at varied times during the day and evening to help mitigate a barrier to access faced by people with non-standard schedules. The agency is committed to the proactive hiring and training of staff with diverse backgrounds, and strives to deliver services in a culturally competent and sensitive manner.

During 2007, CPC was a recipient of the Monmouth-Ocean Development Council’s Silver Gull Award for community service, and was recognized by the nationally esteemed Mental Health Corporations of America with two awards: excellence in “overall best practices for achieving a high level of client satisfaction in the provision of mental health services,” and “overall best practices for achieving a high level of client satisfaction in the provision of behavioral health services.”

CPC Behavioral Healthcare is accredited by the Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO), reflecting a commitment to the highest standards of care. High Point Elementary School, CPC’s special education school drawing students from school districts throughout the state, was awarded a Blue Ribbon of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.