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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to serve our communities by delivering evidence-based services in mental health, substance abuse, special education and physical health through an integrated system of care designed to promote wellness, recovery and productive lives.

Our Vision:

We are committed to be the provider of choice for individuals and families in the communities we serve. Our goal is to ensure easily accessible and comprehensive services that focus on the whole person.  This will be achieved through person-centered care provided by diverse, empathetic, engaged staff and community partners.

Our Values:

  • A culture of teamwork and accountability in a system that is responsive, collaborative and progressive.
  • Excellent customer service that respects the people we serve, appreciates their unique experience and fosters their involvement in the planning and growth of our services.
  • Easy access to affordable care provided in facilities that are safe, comfortable, consumer-friendly and confidential, provided by competent and motivated staff utilizing the latest technologies.
  • Collaboration and strategic alliances to bridge any gaps in providing care to the whole person.
  • Partnerships with consumers, family members and the community, utilizing evidence-based practices to plan, improve and deliver our services to ensure quality outcomes.
  • Continuous quality improvement that achieves the best care and the best consumer experience at the best value.